The name Unije derives from the Greek word “heneios” meaning field. A Croatian equivalent of the name would therefore be “Upolje” meaning in the field.
The first information about Unije was delivered by the Venetian Jesuit Alberto Fortis in his famous work Journey through Dalmatia from 1774. Unije has few inhabitants who live a modest lifestyle. The main products are wood, honey and wax.
The sea around the island is rich with fish, mostly tuna, mackerel, pilchard and also squid.

In 1921 Unije reached its highest population count 783, but after that date many islanders emigrated mostly to the USA. Today the inhabitants of Unije, many of whom have returned from America, live mostly on agriculture and tourism.

History and Families of Unije

A Compiled History and Family Genealogies for Island of Unije, Croatia.